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دومينز العقارية خيارك الأول والأمثل

نطمح في دومينز العقارية برفع مستوى الاحترافية في تقديم الخدمات العقارية المختلفة بمملكة البحرين..

فريق عملنا على أعلى مستويات الكفاءة والتدريب يقوم بالتواصل معكم وتوفير الخيارات المناسبة لزبائننا في وقت قياسي..

تمتلك في دومينز العقارية ما يزيد عن 3500 عقار مدرج ضمن قوائمنا في مختلف مناطق ومحافظات مملكة البحرين بالإضافة للمخططات السكنية ومشاريع الفلل والشقق

تحصل جميع عقاراتنا المدرجة على الاهتمام اللازم ونقوم بعرضها بحرفية تامة باستخدام أحدث طرق التسويق وأنجحها ..

نضمن دائما لزبائننا الحصول على خيارات متنوعة من العقارات كما نضمن حصولهم على أفضل الأسعار


Managing partner & Founder


  • Domains Real Estate is an independent company with intensive industry experience in Residential Property Sales & Leasing, offering honest and personal service enjoyed by many long-term clients.

  • We offer a regular point of contact with mature and experienced sales consultants, providing a consistent and highly personalized level of service.

  • Domains Real Estate has a well-equipped sales team who are highly motivated and active, highly qualified and always aim to ensure all clients’ needs and demands are met with the highest levels of professionalism

  • The team at Domains Real Estate recognize that good service is about building a trusting relationship with open lines of communication.

  • It is our mission to provide continuous service of the highest quality throughout the term of even the most complex project.

  • We have succeeded in developing long-term business relationships by meeting our clients’ specific needs in ways which are individual, innovative and commercially sound.

  • With wealth of experience in residential apartments, Domains will prove an extremely valuable team member for any such project, providing an input which will help to ensure both success and profitability. Domains has successfully handled the marketing and sales of projects such as (Hamala Plots, Hidd Plots, Kinaz Jabalat Habshi, St. Christopher Building, Janabiya Alameer Building, Liwan 4, Burger Land restaurant Plots in Budaiya, etc)